Sinclair is a self-taught abstract artist from Chicago who is best known for his one line artworks and what he calls his “meta-cubist” compositions. His artistic journey began with drawing his classmates’ portraits using one line—a defining memory that marks the beginning of his love for abstract art and his exploration of the theme of connection. Using simple elements—line, color, and form—Sinclair represents reality through abstraction. Inspired by the reductive style traditionally explored in the Cubist period of the early twentieth century, he assembles each of his portrait subjects from multiple vantage points; they face this way and that, illustrating the intricacy of memories and experiences. Sinclair’s technique of composing with one line builds upon these ideas further by reminding us that the continuous flow of our individual moments is what makes up our collective community heartbeat. The Artist doesn’t shy away from new mediums—he constantly expands on his practice through experimentation with any format he can get his hands on, such as animations, collage, fashion design and sculpture. This agility to switch between physical and digital compositions allows him to think about his body of work holistically and the ways his collectors can enjoy it. Devotion to both his own artistic evolution and his connections with his audience have been key to the artistic path he’s carved out for himself.


Layer 1

Co-created with paulos

Layer 1

Co-created with xtinuccia